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About our News Platform,

Leoncheng.com was specially designed to be a ultra-light-weight market news portal to bring news to your screen as fast as possible, even on dial-up so that our traveling trader friends with spotty wireless coverage stand a chance.  If you’re a trader, and you likely are if you’re reading this, there stands a good chance you know what we are talking about.  Our very own Logan Wallace claims credit for the development of our site.

About our “Quick-Glance”  News System,

Keeping true to form in providing market-moving news as fast as possible, sometimes you just need to see what company is being reported about and what is happening with that company.  Knowing this, we developed our “Quick-Glance” system to help resolve this problem when you don’t want to get a cup of coffee, sit down, and read a lengthy news article.  With this system, “at a glance” you know what has happened.  Leoncheng.com was specially designed to incorporate our “Quick Glance” news system.

Want to meet the people who make Leoncheng … tick?  You can do so by clicking on our personnel page.

About our Editorial Process,

Each article passes through a fact-check evaluation process by one of our editors, which one depends on what time of the day it is.  Current fundamental information and technical information is researched regarding the companies we write about first by our writers, and then finalized by our editors.

About our Code of Ethics,

Leoncheng.com employees agree not to “pump,” or otherwise write news about financial securities they have long or short positions in.  In fact, all employees of the company are not allowed to write about companies they have a financial involvement with.  Contributing writers are allowed to write about companies they have a financial involvement with, however they must note the fact within their article so that readers are aware of the fact.  Failure to comply with our code of ethics are grounds for immediate termination, or disassociation.

How to Contact Us,

Three options are at your disposal.  First, you may contact us by viewing our contact page should you choose to do so.  There you can find a drop-down menu with different preset subject heads, including a miscellaneous subject field if nothing else ‘fits the bill.’   Alternatively, you may feel free to write any of the editors, writers, and contributors found on our personnel page.  Lastly, you may send mail to our ‘brick and mortar’ address located below.


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